Hydropsyche contubernalis borealis martynov, 1926

Distribution: Sweden, Finland and Danmark (River Gudenå at Tvilum, River Stor at Holstebro, Lake Arre)

Figures:  1-4, 9-11, ♂-genitalia: 1,2, 9 - lateral; 3, 10 - dorsal; 4,11 - ventral. 5-8, ♀-genitalia, lateral (Figs.1, 3-4, 8 from Dalälv, Sweden; fig. 2, 6-7 from River Gudenå, eastern Jutland, Danmark, P. Wiberg-Larsen ded.; fig. 5 from Finland, J. Salokanel ded.;figs.9-11, from Ilmen Lake, Russia, H. Malicky ded.)

Comments: All H.contubernalis from Fennoscandia and partly from Danmark probably belong  to the subspecies H. c. borealis [ pers.communication by P. Wiberg-Larsen 2003]. About the distribution of four morphotypes of contubernalis McL. see also Malicky (2008).


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